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Vans and buses designed to transport physically disabled students. How long must you go to college to get a degree? How old are students they when they graduate? Do you think your school is a good one? What do you study?

My dependent child attended college half time in for a semester and will attend full time starting The number of students classified as having mild or moderate learning disabilities rose by about percent from towhen nearly half of all special education students were classified exclusively as learning disabled, according to data available from the National Center for Education Statistics NCES.

Do parents home-school their children in your country? What improvements does the school system need? Does your country have good public universities?

Which high schools and colleges are not so good in your country? Did you procrastinate studying? Did you enjoy going to elementary school? For students in special education programs, legal provisions require schools to test and measure the yearly performance of students under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA.

Do prefer school uniforms or casuals better? For example, all technological resources — including computer hardware, software, Internet access to websites and cloud-based programs — that are available to nondisabled students must be made available to students with physical, cognitive and learning disabilities in schools that receive public funding.

Did you go to a public private school or a state-run school? Did you study abroad? Do you wish you had been home schooled?

Inclusion in education

Are college graduates smarter than people who did not go to college? Are college graduates smarter than people who did not go to college? What teacher impressed you the most? In general, a student must receive a Form T for tax year to claim an education credit.

If either is not correct, contact the school and ask the school to correct the information for future T reporting. What ought to be done to increase kids awareness to become more educated? Did you prefer small classes or big classes? How do parents and teachers measure learning progress for special education students?

Thursday, December 20, Answers to 8 hard questions about education in America I was recently asked 8 questions about education for The Daily Journalist. Random House Below are questions to help guide your discussions as you read the book over the next month.

Did you enjoy going to elementary school? What are some ways a person can continue to learn? You can claim AOTC, for any semester or other academic period if you take at least half the full-time course load for the first four years of college.

How does college compare to high school? Why are you studying a foreign language? A quiet classroom is generally needed for effective learning. Diagnostic tools such as evaluation exercises, progress reports and grade-level assessments.You can read my responses here.

The Daily Journalist is a site that shares opposite sides of ideas and news stories. The goal of the Daily Journalist is to educate the public, by asking the hard questions that the modern day media often avoid so. The education that a person receives can have a huge impact on their future – but not all education is created equally.

From Head Start programs and pre-K enrollments to colleges and universities – and even beyond to advanced graduate work! – education is a huge part of many of our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions about Education in America. April 15, 11 min read. Krista Kafer Former Senior Education Policy Analyst Krista is a former Senior Policy Analyst in the Education.

Education Credits: Questions and Answers

The State Education Department today announced that 75 percent of the questions from the Grades English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Assessments that count toward student scores are now posted online at This is the third year in a row the Department has released 75 percent of the assessment questions.

Jul 24,  · Education Credits. Find the answers to the most common questions you ask about the Education Credits-- the American opportunity tax credit (AOTC) and the lifetime learning credit (LLC). Help and Support. Getting Started with TurboTax | TurboTax® Support; Resources to Check Tax Refund Status | TurboTax® Support; TurboTax CD/Download Resources | TurboTax® Support.

From education questions
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