Sierra leone freedoms essay

The Koroma administration continued to suppress media freedoms through onerous libel and sedition laws during the year.

The government does not restrict access to the internet, though penetration remains low. Diamond mining, development and post-conflict reconstruction in Sierra Leone.

She was trained and worked as a librarian for most of her life. The combination of these four solutions has so far been able to nearly completely purify the diamond industry. I believe that part of that will have to come from more assistance within the communities of Sierra Leone.

Sankoh was born in Warima, Sierra Leone. This is a collection of children's books written at a number of different levels that have storylines relating to things children in Sierra Leone experience.

Massaquoi presently lives with his family in Nigeria where he heads Africa Centre for Theological Studies. In addition, authorities continued to implement quarantines of entire communities. Rape is another common abuse that women now face.

Similar abuses had also occurred in Critics also warned that expansive restrictions on personal freedoms could fuel distrust and undermine cooperation with authorities. The books are all written and illustrated by Sierra Leoneans. Memoirs of a Boy Soldier tells a story that many children in Sierra Leone faced during the war.

In April, police stormed the SLPP office in Kenema, reportedly in the interest of suppressing an antigovernment protest. It is similar to other works written about civil war in Africa; however, the personal letters provide a more moving emotional experience for the reader.

The Special Court for Sierra Leone, a hybrid international and domestic war crimes tribunal, has been working since to convict those responsible for large-scale human rights abuses during the civil war. The conflict over the diamonds shaped a new culture for Sierra Leone; one of poverty, violence, and gender inequality, all of which has been most prevalent for the women, who according to McFerson are the most marginalized in the world.

Freedom of Expression and Belief: Although these measures were intended to control the epidemic, many watchdogs denounced some as excessive, noting that lockdowns and curfews could undermine the wellbeing of many Sierra Leoneans, including by restricting their access to food and other necessities.

Essay Competition for Secondary School Pupils on Press Freedom

She states that after the Civil War ended, women, who used to hold positions of power, were stripped of their positions and no longer held any political influence. Also in April, at least 10 SLPP supporters were arrested for violating the ban on public gatherings following a peaceful march outside the U.

He lives in Nairobi, Kenya, and travels regularly to Sierra Leone. The first was the creation of the Diamond Development Initiative. Nesquehonite synthesis essay invention of wheel essay help peggy mcintosh research paper pandit madan mohan malaviya essays russian revolution dbq essays shivram hari rajguru essay whole slide image analysis essay eulogy for mother earth essays bad day at school essay dissertationspreis physik marijuana legalization colorado essay anahit scelsi analysis essay john tranter backyard analysis essay mba dissertation proposal pdf.

This ensures that progress will continue in cleaning up the diamond mines in Africa. Personal Autonomy and Individual Rights: Retrieved October 1,from http: Parliamentary and presidential elections are held every five years, and presidents may seek a second term. Also in April, another individual was sentenced to six months in prison for allegedly insulting the president in public.

Kimberley Process Certificate This plan was proposed in May and all members of the General Assembly voted for it in December Several of the global human rights defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have been several violated during the strife of Sierra Leone, the primary offence being to article three: In Decemberofficers arrested Alie Kabba, an outspoken opposition politician expected to run for the presidency inand charged him with bigamy following allegations from his former wife, a government minister.

Literature of Sierra Leone

Laws passed in prohibit domestic violence, grant women the right to inherit property, and outlaw forced marriage.

Following the international communities creation of the Kimberley Process and System of Warranties, the Sierra Leonean government has also created their own new policies. Kabba has published three books: Tensions between opposition forces and state security continued to escalate in Tools used to perform mutilation of female genitals International response to this conflict was slow coming.

Sierra Leone was suspended from the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative EITI in for failure to account for royalty and tax irregularities in its contracts with international mining companies.Additionally, the winners will get a chance to spend a day in the newsroom in one Sierra Leone’s leading newspapers.

The essay contest is open to all school going pupils currently enrolled in secondary schools nationwide. D. Freedom of Expression and Belief: 12 / Freedoms of speech and the press are constitutionally guaranteed but sometimes violated in practice. The Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) was officially launched as the independent national broadcaster in Sierra Leone: From Colonialism to Neocolonialism Essay Words 11 Pages Colonialism is a feature of European expansion that took control of territory and people across the world starting in the 16th century.

Dec 04,  · Essay Series #3: War and Diamonds: Human Rights Abuses in Sierra Leone Standard Sierra Leone has been known for its resource potential since the early ’s, particularly for its.

Sierra Leone introduced the international community firmly into the world of the ‘privatised peacekeeper’ where mercenaries step in to keep or, as Sierra Leone demonstrated, to enforce the peace. The involvement of mercenaries, or private military companies, as they prefer to be called, is not a new phenomenon in Africa.

History and Prevalence of Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone In the early s, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) of Sierra Leone, led by former military agents invaded Sierra Leone from Liberia.

The RUF initially said they were leading a political movement. Their main goals were to promote liberation, democracy, and freedom.

Sierra leone freedoms essay
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